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August 2018

CBD oil is a powerful, all-natural medicine that can help boost your immune system, provide pain relief, and even treat certain issues like anxiety and depression. Not only can it treat human ailments, there’s evidence that it can help your pet, too.What Exactly Is CBD Oil?CBD oil is a cannabinoid found in marijuana. The body makes its own cannabinoids which interact with the endocannabinoid system, a system most animals have, and need, to be healthy and balanced. THC, another cannabinoid found in marijuana, has psychoactive qualities.When CBD is derived from the hemp plant it is neither mind altering or addicitve, and it has multiple positive effects on the mind and body. CBD oil from CBD Thera is extracted from the hemp plant, which has minimal to no THC.  It’s legal, safe, and does not cause a “high,” unlike marijuana.Can CBD Really Help Treat

CBD oil is being used as an alternative treatment for many ailments, such as anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy and pain. And now treatment of substance abuse and addiction is on the list. You might be thinking that this doesn’t make sense, but CBD oil that is derived from the hemp plant is non-hallucinogenic and non-addictive. It contains minimal or no THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant it is safe to take in doses up to 1500 mg a day, and appears to reduce the drug cravings and anxiety experienced by addicts. CBD shows great promise as a non-toxic treatment for the addiction recovery process.Opiate addiction is a growing problem in America, and the amount of Americans addicted to opiates – both prescribed and illegally obtained – is rising at a staggering rate. Addiction