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CBD Yoga

CBD Yoga. Let CBD Enhance Your Yoga Practice

We’ve all gone to a yoga class searching for relaxation and calm, only to find it a challenge to slow down, both mentally and physically. Maybe you can’t chase away your monkey mind, or get your hips to open up. Suddenly you feel self conscious, as if everyone sees that you can’t get in to the moment, which only brings on stress.

CBD replicates the body’s own natural cannabinoids, providing the sense of wellbeing felt during yoga. The endocannabinoid system produces a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is responsible for how much happiness and joy you feel. Of course this can naturally vary from person to person. Although cannabidiol, or CBD,  doesn’t increase the amount of anandamide, it helps to slow the breakdown of it.

Yoga and CBD have a lot in common. They are both useful for naturally balancing the mind and body. Both can create a focused physical and mental presence that results in feeling stable and capable during your yoga practice. CBD Thera can stop the frustrating distraction of thoughts that make focusing a real challenge, and create an “in the moment” mindset.

Physically CBD helps to relax muscles and avoid injury during advanced yoga poses. Some people say CBD has anti-inflammatory effects which can keep you feeling flexible after your yoga class.

You can use it as needed, taking a few drops of a CBD Thera oil before you get on the mat. Or incorporate a daily dose to maintain that feeling of clarity and balance.

If you’re hesitant to ingest CBD, you can start out with a CBD Thera cream, rubbing it in to tight muscles before you start your daily yoga practice. The CBD from the cream will absorb into your skin and activate your endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that help keep the immune, nervous, and digestive systems in balance. Cannabinoids in CBD Thera products attach to cannabinoid receptors in your central and peripheral nervous systems, telling your brain that something hurts or that you’re straining muscles and joints. Then, they send signals to your body’s pain site to diminish the pain and relax those muscles. CBD can lessen the impact of and help to prevent inflammation as well.

It can be difficult to transition out of your busy day and on to your yoga mat, and then enter back into your busy world again, without losing the calm mindset yoga can provide. CBD products derived from hemp, or cannabidiol, can not only enhance your yoga practice, they can extend your sense of peace and relaxation afterwards.

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