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How CBD Can Help With PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)


PTSD is a serious psychological issue. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as the name implies, usually occurs after exposure to a shocking, dangerous, or otherwise traumatic event. PTSD is often found in active military members and veterans, but can also affect police officers, first responders, crime victims, and people who have been affected by natural disasters.


Treatment for PTSD is often quite difficult. While pharmaceuticals and therapy are often effective at mitigating the symptoms of PTSD, many sufferers of PTSD will continue to experience side effects of their trauma for years.


However, at CBD Thera, we can help. While CBD oil cannot “cure” PTSD, it can help mitigate some of the more hard-to-deal-with symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, nightmares, and anxiety.


What Is CBD Oil?


Not sure what CBD oil is, or what it does? We’ll explain. CBD oil is a product derived from cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the 90 different cannabinoids that are present in strains of medical marijuana. These cannabinoids include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for the most widely-known effects of marijuana.


CBD oil is derived from cannabinoids present in hemp. Hemp is very high in CBDs, but has almost no THC – so it is legal, and not regulated as a drug by the federal government.


In essence, CBD oil contains all of the beneficial compounds of cannabis without THC. This means that CBD oil can treat a wide range of medical conditions – while not impacting your state of mind or consciousness in any way.


CBD oil is being studied as a way to treat 40+ different ailments – including PTSD. It’s hoped that, if CBD is found to be an effective treatment, we can reduce our reliance on harmful pharmaceutical painkillers and drugs like Oxycontin and other opioids.


Is CBD Oil An Effective Treatment For The Symptoms Of PTSD?


The answer is “yes!” While many still do not accept marijuana as a clinical method of treating PTSD, CBD oil has already been studied, and has had very promising results as a treatment for the symptoms of PTSD.


In a 2015 clinical study, CBD was proven as a clinically-effective treatment for cases of severe anxiety, and has been verified as a useful medication to help reduce anxiety in a wide variety of different clinical cases.


By affecting the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil can provide a wide range of beneficial effects. This includes pain reduction and mitigation, promotion of more healthful sleep, and better stress hormone regulation.


CBD oil is not a “miracle cure” for PTSD. PTSD requires treatment by professional, qualified therapists and psychologists. However, CBD oil can help mitigate some of the more dangerous and painful symptoms of PTSD – and there is no risk of addiction, unlike prescription painkillers and other pharmaceuticals.


Why Choose CBD Thera For CBD Oil?


If you or a loved one has PTSD, CBD oil may be a helpful tool in your journey to recovery. So why should you choose CBD oil from CBD Thera? Well, there are a few reasons. First, we pride ourselves on creating natural, high-quality products. We do not use any additives or chemicals to extract CBD from hemp, and we use a natural grapeseed oil base.


Second, our products are full spectrum CBD blends. Unlike the competition, our CBD oil includes beneficial compounds such as CBC, CBN, and CBG – amplifying the effects of our CBD oils on your endocannabinoid system.


Finally, we’re totally transparent with the results of our product testing. You can find in-depth test results related to purity, quality, and efficacy – directly on the product pages of our website.


So don’t wait. Visit CBD Thera today to learn more about our products, and see if they can help you or a loved one recover from the effects of PTSD.

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